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Terry Price

Hello Steve, I just wanted to thank you for a beautiful service yesterday.

My dad would have been very proud of how you represented him.

My friends and family asked if you were a friend of my dads as it was such a lovely and personal tribute. You have a very special gift and I am so pleased that we had the honour of you doing this for both my mum and dad.

Once again heartfelt thanks xx

Kind regards

Debbie x

John Baker


I just wanted to say the response I have had from John's funeral has been overwhelming.

No one has ever attended a funeral where the celebration of someone's life has been expressed in such an amazing way.

It came together beautifully and I'm sure Jenson bought a sense of "life does go on " with it.

So thank you.

With kind regards


John Kelly

Dear Steve, I just wanted to send you a quick 'thank you' for the script you provided for my dad's service last Friday, and for your professionalism in handling the service on the day and also the time leading up to it.  You seemed to encapsulate the message and more importantly portray the person we knew and loved as our dad perfectly despite the very contradictory answers we provided to your questions before hand.  The whole service was everything we had hoped for and your words really lifted us despite the sad occasion.

From the discussion we had afterwards with our friends who attended, they agreed too that the words you chose and the way you had written the script was perfect and made the ceremony as pleasant as an occasion like this could be.

So from us all, thank you very much indeed.       The Kelly's (Steven, Wendy and Sandra)

Rose Francis

Dear Steve. We would like to thank you for all your help, advice and kindness.

Thank you for your lovely service today and all your help over the last week...it was nice to meet you..we had lots of laughs and memories later on. Your service for our mum 'Rose' was perfect, thanks to you. Without your help with the service sheets and advice on words to have etc, I'm sure I would've been more stressed and your help ensured mum had a good send off.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart

Jane & family x

Fred Hubbard

Hi Steve  We would like to thank you so very much. From our first meeting, you made us feel comfortable and calm enough to tell you all about our Dad. From that meeting you told his life story picking out unique characteristics of our Dad perfectly. The ceremony was exactly what we wanted and couldn't of asked for anything more. Everyone said how lovely it was - that was all down to you.I'm sure my Dad was looking down approvingly and very proud too. Thank you again Steve           Carol, Paul, Ryan, Nicola and Sarah x

Peter Beedle

Steve, A couple of weeks have now passed since my father's funeral. I would like to take this opportunity to express the gratitude of my mother, Jayne and myself for not only the wonderful service, but also the kindness and sensitivity you showed when we met to put together the service and my father's story. Your guidance was thoughtful, kind and most welcome, during a very emotional time. Many thanks  Simon

Peter Westall

Good afternoon Steve, My family have asked me to contact following the service yesterday. We just wanted to express our thanks for your wonderful speech. You made everyone feel included and spoke eloquently throughout. On such a difficult occasion you brought tears, smiles and a sense of closure.

Again, thank you for everything. Many thanks Toni-anne, Elaine, Rick and all the family/ friends

Mick Dunn

Dear Steve, I am writing on behalf of my Mum to say thank you very much for the lovely service and fantastic tribute to Mick. Mum was disappointed to not have had the opportunity to thank you personally.

Steven, Rachel and I would also like to extend our thanks for the service and how Dad's life story was articulated in such a wonderful way; we received so many comments from family and friends to say that the service was lovely and everything that was said about Dad was so true and personal, making it such a touching tribute.

Best wishes for the future. Kindest regards, Michelle

Elly Danziger

Dear Steve, On behalf of myself, my family and friends I would to thank you very much for yesterday and conducting the funeral of Elly in such a lovely way. Everyone commented favourably. Pity the weather was against us but some would say it was appropriate. Wish you all the best. Regards, Ronnie

Dennis Robbins

Hello Steve   Just a line to say thank you on behalf of myself and the family for conducting the service so sincerely as I know it must be difficult when you have never the known the person concerned.  It was also the hottest day of the year so far which was pretty uncomfortable at times but once we arrived at the golf club the air conditioning came into it's own!  We had a lovely afternoon there overlooking the course which was  looking so beautiful, a place that Dennis loved in the summer when at it's best!   Also lots of people paid compliments to the lovely service and your words. Many thanks again for all your advice and experience!

Regards Eve Robins

Diana Clement

Hi Steve, I know my Dad thanked you on the day, but we just wanted you to know again, what a wonderful job we thought you did for my Mum’s funeral service yesterday. So many people commented and said such positive things. It was really lovely, and so much work on your part. We are truly appreciative.  Best wishes, Nicky, Debbie and Jim.

Derek Graves

Steve, I wanted to drop you a short email at the end of a very emotional day and thank you for delivering an excellent service for our Dad. Words cannot express how much this meant to us as a family and we know that our father would have loved the service, and the way in which it linked his life with his late wife Joyce. Thanks from all of us to you for your professionalism, guidance and empathy during our time of need.     Best wishes Peter & Carol

Patricia Nutter

Dear Steve,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for conducting todays service.  So many people spoke to me after and said what a beautiful service it had been.  The time you put into finding out about Pat, preparing and writing the service and then presenting us with copies afterwards was a lot of work in a very short space of time and we are extremely grateful to you. Regards Ruth

Bryan Tyrrell

Dear Steve, I would like you thank you so much for the very beautiful and moving service you carried out to celebrate the life of Bryan Tyrrell. Without exception, every person who came to the Wake spoke in appreciation and admiration of your empathy and sensitivity.

I would also like to thank you personally for taking the time in the days before the funeral to talk to me in your lovely calm and gentle way.  As you know I was very concerned about Steven but he held it together on the day and did not let Bryan down.

You do wonderful work Steve, and in the future I shall have no hesitation in recommending you.

Warmest thoughts and wishes. Denise

Norah Savage

Dear Steve, Peter and I wanted to thank you for the beautiful service you conducted for Norah last Thursday. You were sensitive, professional, eloquent and gave us a sense that you knew Norah even though you hadn't met. There was a lot of praise from our family and friends.

It was a very hard and emotional day, and we feel content that we gave her the best send off possible.

I was hoping to see you at the College Arms to express our heartfelt thanks personally.

On behalf of all the Family we wish you all the best.

Gina and Peter Bridgman.

Dave Bright

Hi Steve, Julie, myself & the Girls would love to say a big thank you for Dave's celebration of life.

Friends and family said how well you presented the service, How you managed to capture Daves character perfectly. It was a beautiful service in every way.

We all thank you so much for all your support and advice.

Kind regards Bill , Julie & Girls

Vicky West

Thanks again Steve for an exceptionally fitting, well constructed and perfectly delivered service today for Vicky.  Sincerely,

Jamie, Harry & Jonathan.

Steve Knight

Dear Steve, Just emailing you to thank you so much for making Steve's funeral so special. Everyone who attended said what a wonderful celebration of his life it was. The bound copies of the script are lovely too.

Thank you once again. Kind regards,

Jane & Sarah Andrews

Hi Steve, I just wanted to thank you for giving such a beautiful service for my Brother last Friday. It was everything I could have wished for in terms of a great send off! So many people were praising you at the wake - saying how real the service was and how it made them feel personally. It meant so much to my family that Steve was remembered with such love and laughter.

I thank you also for your professionalism and kindness. As you know it is such a difficult process and with people like yourself to help it has made things so much easier.

Please take care and look after yourself. Regards

Donna (Steve's Sister)

Ray Leese

Hi Steve, I just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful service that you gave for Ray. I always said that I didn't want anyone talking about him if they didn't know him but you spoke as if you were a family friend and had known him for years. Everyone said it was beautiful and they have all said that is what a funeral should be. Thank you for the service books you gave the family we will cherish them forever.

We also raised £2,200 in donations for the defibrillator and a bench in Rays memory. Thank you once again I will be forever grateful.

Jackie Leese

Les Bailey

Just wanted to say thanks again for the lovely service you performed for my uncle - Les Bailey - on Tuesday.

I'm afraid I wasn't in that fit a state to chat properly outside immediately after the ceremony, and by the time I'd composed myself I couldn't find you to properly say thank you. I hope someone from the family found their way to you, though.

Many thanks for sharing the pdf of Les' service - I have already passed that onto many of those who attended, plus a few other friends who unfortunately couldn't make the day.

Many thanks once again


Jonathan Collins

Peggy Cotgrave

Dear Steve, Thank you so much for making our Mum's funeral such a good, honest, thoughtful, happy and calming time for us, her children.... family and  friends. At the start we were all feeling crushed inside as you would expect, our youngest brother in particular was completely distraught but those feelings we shared started to evaporate the moment you began to refer to my Mums humour, her funny sayings and colourful limericks. Your mention of The Filthy Beast was met with true laughter, everyone there knew who My Mum was referring to when she said it and the way you relayed it really lifted everyone's spirits.

You did everything so well and people really did think you were a family member who knew my Mum.

So Thank you very much for putting in so much time and effort. . . for getting memories of our Mum spot on. . . . . making people feel happier and less sad. . . but most of all Thank you for making our Mum real and unique. . . .she would have loved you, she was always looking for a nice young man! Haha!

Take care Steve, we will always be grateful to you.                       Love Carol, Bill, Robert, Max and Families   xxxx

Scott Taylor

Hi Steve, I just wanted to say what a wonderful service you carried out on Friday and for our dear friend Scott. So many people commented how personal it was to the point that they thought you were a personal friend. Once again many thanks Rob Sally Paul and Graham

Irene Ruggles

Dear Steve, I just want to say thank you for the excellently presented service you provided for my mothers cremation yesterday it was clear you understood what we and mum wanted in the tone of the presentation.

We have had many compliments on the way you delivered the story of mum and it will remain in our memories and those who attended. Many thanks again Steve Ruggles

Michael Spalding

Dearest Steve, I cannot thank you enough for the amazing service for my dad.  It was perfect and even better than I imagined for him.  Everyone was blown away by how personal it was and so many lovely comments on what a wonderful send off it was for him.  My mum’s sister was over from Ireland with her partner and they could not stop talking about it.  They have never seen anything like it and want the same thing now!  As a shrinking family, the remaining brothers and the children and wives of those we have already lost really appreciated the reminders of how it was when everyone was still here.  

I will be sad not to be speaking with you (well, hopefully for a little while yet!) as I have so enjoyed the time spent with you planning everything.


Again, thank you so much for the care, compassion and understanding of getting everything perfect for us.  It will never be forgotten. With love and best wishes, Michelle and Pat


Bryan Jarvis

Dear Steve, I just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge thank you for the wonderful service that you did for our Dad on Friday.  It really was extremely special and we thank you.

Lots of people came up to me to ask me how long you had known Dad and what a lovely service it was - thank you.  You really did understand him and we really appreciate it.  

If you do get a moment, I wonder if you could pop the PDF over of the service that you very kindly gave us please.  I am going to send a copy over to my Dad's two brothers - one of whom did make it to the funeral, which was lovely.

Thank you again Steve and we won't hesitate in ever recommending you to people.....a tricky one to do but we will always do so.  Alex

Stephanie Downey

Hi Steve, Allan and I would like to thank you for the excellent service your carried out today.  Your words were well put together and expertly delivered.  I think you extended the essence of Stephanie's life and did her justice.

Many thanks Sarah and Allan

Roy Barrett

Hi Steve, it's been a bit of a whirlwind since Friday, but I just wanted to say a massive thank you for Dad’s send off. We have had so many comments from the people there, saying that it was an amazing ceremony the best they'd been too, tears and laughter, credit to you. The Barretts

Toni Flynn

Dear Steve, Thank you for preparing and delivering my mum's ceremony today.

It was perfect and we could not of asked for anymore. My mum would of been very happy with the way it went. You helped make a time in our lives that was very sad much better than we thought it would be.

I'm not very good with words and writing so I hope you understand how much we appreciate what you did for us and I can see why Daniel Robinson said you are the best.

Thank you so much Clive Flynn

Margaret Ward

On behalf of Dad, Michele, myself and the rest of the family I would like to say a Huge Thank you for such a super and poignant service that you conducted for Mum last Friday.

You captured Mum to a T and it so .......... well just as she would have wanted.

We were so pleased to see so many of mums friends and relations there and we received so many comments afterwards about how wonderful the service was. We continued for a couple of hours afterwards at the Legion sharing photos, stories and fond memories of mum.

Thanks again for making the day so special for everyone there. A Sad but Lovely day.  Gail

Stan Guyver

Dear Steve, I would just like to say thank you so much for doing my dads service under such circumstances, so sad for us but also for yourself.

The Service  was beautiful, I didnt realise how much until your reading and putting it all together for us, all my familly and friends  said it was the nicest one they have ever been too.  Very emotional for me, it was so personal, but i was so pleased that you managed to do it for us in such a caring way.

I wish to send condolences from my self and family in the loss of your wife at your sad time.

I will look forward to hearing from you when convenient to you.

Best wishes, Carol.

Bill Stock

Dear Steve, On behalf of us all, I would like to say that we appreciated the care and tenderness which you delivered your service for dad, making a very hard day a little easier to manage. The feedback we received from family and friends was one of joy and they asked if you knew dad as the delivery was personal as if you had known him for years. The printed order of service is something of comfort which is to my knowledge a unique touch that will comfort us in days, weeks and months to come. Your service allowed people to talk openly about their memories of dad bringing new memories or knowledge of him. 

Thank you Steve. Blessings on the comfort you bring to people at times of grievance. 

Kindest regards Suzie, Jenny and Christa

Peter Webster

Good afternoon Steve, I would just like to thank you for Peter’s service yesterday, everybody commented on how much they enjoyed it, sort of!  It must certainly be rewarding to you that at sad times like these people feel that their loved one has been given a good send off. 

Anyway thank you once again and all good wishes. Regards  Carol Falloon

Ann Parker

Hi, Steve, Just felt I wanted to drop you an email to thank you for the fantastic service you gave today for mum. You managed to capture her amazingly well even though you hadn't met her yourself. We will always be grateful to you for making the most difficult of days bearable.

Yours with gratitude Emma Ormondroyd (Ann Parkers daughter)

Jim Kenyon

Hi Steve, Just a short note of thanks on behalf of Glenn, Marion, Barry and I for conducting such a lovely Service for Jim on Wednesday. we were very fortunate with the weather, and it was nice that so many friends and family turned out.

Thank you for your support throughout, and for the folders that you put together of the event. All appreciated.

Regards from us all Sue

Jim Jewell

Thanks again for all your help and the service. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed and praised the service you delivered! My uncle from Bristol, who's a J/Witness said he loved it when you said 'whatever your beliefs are'. Thank you so much again Steve for making it a wonderful celebration of Dads life x

Thank you Karen

Reg Humphreys

Hi Steve, I'm sorry I didn't speak to you on Tuesday but I would like to say thank you for conducting my dad's funeral and for interpreting our discussion with you in an special and meaningful way for the service. I think it went as well as it could have and I did receive comments regarding how nice the service was.

Regards Christina and  Matthew Richardson

David Whitaker

Dear Steve, Thank you for the manner in which you conducted David's Service. Everyone said they thought you must have known David well yourself.

Thank you also for sending me the email which I have now forwarded to the family 'down under', and for the beautiful copy of the Service for me to keep.

May you continue to help others in the same way as they endure their bereavements.

With Regards, Mary Howard

Chris Patmore

Dear Steve, I was present at my dear friend's funeral - Chris Patmore, last Friday and felt moved to write to you.

Nobody would have believed you were not a relative of the family. You spoke with such compassion and genuine feeling as though you HAD known Chris all your life and pitched it perfectly.

It was a beautiful time spent in reflection of who Chris was and what she stood for, and what defined her and the legacy of love she left behind.

Jo, her daughter, told me after the funeral, you had spent 4 hours with the family getting to know them and their life with Chris.

I did not manage to catch you at the end of the service and wanted to write. I am a practising Christian and found the service to be spiritual and very special in every way. One of the loveliest I have attended — it was so meaningful.

Thank you and if you wish, please do use this letter as a reference for others so they may feel confident in asking for your services at their loved ones funeral. Bless you

Very best wishes  Marilyn Woods Benington Road Aston SG2 

Lawrence Seddon

Steve, Thank you so much for the way you conducted Lawrence's funeral yesterday ..We couldn't have wished for it to be more personal and run more smoothly.

You read The Eulogy as if you knew Lawrence personally. It really was lovely...I am so sorry in our sadness, we didn't say for you to come back with us to have a drink. It wasn't until we got back I realised we didn't say, but we hope you know you were more than welcome to have joined us..It was so nice with so many friends all telling us their memories and funny stories..It couldn't have been a better send off for such a lovely man…

Many Thanks Wendy

Peter Morris

We would like to say a big thank you to you Steve for making our dad's funeral such a memorable occasion. Your care in spending time with us beforehand, to get to know us and our father, was really appreciated. You made the celebration of his long and remarkable life inclusive of all who were able to be there. There were tears but there was also much laughter and smiles. In fact just the way we wanted the day to be and how he would have chosen. The special compilation of the order of service with photos was such a lovely memento. Our families have enjoyed browsing through its pages.

Best Wishes from All the Morris and Morley families.

Audrey Leighton

Dear Steve, I just wanted to say thank you again for conducting the service for my mother, Audrey Leighton, on Friday afternoon.  Our family and friends all said how much they enjoyed it, as much as you can enjoy such an event, and one of my cousins said it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies she had attended as it was so personal and a wonderful warm celebration of Audrey’s life.  It was generally felt that the way you spoke about Audrey made them feel as if you had known her well.

With kind regards, Hilary

Linda Jenkins

Hi Steve, Thank you so much for all your hard work and conducting a superb service. Everyone had compliments and we feel Mum was well sent off so thank you for delivering the service so well. Even my words sounded good. Thanks also for the link and pdf and of course the dvd of photos which people enjoyed watching this afternoon. We were all impressed with the slideshow, great job. 

A big thank you! Craig

Bert Felstead

Hello Steve, I just wanted to say a big thank – you for the lovely service you did on Thursday for my brother Bert. It was done with such feeling from you, with people laughing and clapping and smiles all around at the way you told Bert's story. In fact you have converted most of the people that were there as they were so impressed with you and the whole service. Once again Steve a big thank you for making a sad day a happy memory.

Kind regards   Janet & Kipper.

Hi Steve -We would like to thank you very much for the service for Bert last Thursday - everybody said that it was just 'him' and very much enjoyed it. 

Many thanks. Best regards Nadia

Margaret Chapman

Hi Steve, we just wanted to thank you very much for the lovely service you gave for my mums funeral, I have had lots of comments back saying what a lovely service it was and how professional and sincere you were.

Thanks once again, Linda, Clive, Jonathan and Jade Holland

Terry Allright

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the beautiful service you did for my brother. Everyone that was there commented how good it was, even more so for the lack of information you had, it was just perfect.

Thanks again Kind Regards Mandy x

Wally Little

Hi Steve, just liked to thank you again for a wonderful service yesterday. My dad Wally would have been proud. Everyone commented and said it was the best funeral they had been to, if you can that about a funeral? When you said you would do 4 copies of the service keepsake, I wasn't expecting that, they are beautiful, so much so my dads 2 sister in laws would love one.

Thank you again Teresa x

Stan Culverhouse

Dear Steve -We would like to say thank you for conducting Dad's funeral service in such a caring way.

Many people commented on how his personality came through as you told 'Stan's Story' and this reflected his life as a husband, father, grandfather and friend.

Once again, many thanks. Kind regards, Paula and Andy Clare, Gill Bullen

Doug Datlen

Good morning Steve - Just want to say a very big thank you for the excellent service you did for Dad. Without exception everyone came up and said what a lovely service it was and how much dad would have enjoyed it. Mum was delighted with everything even the weather.

Many many thanks it was perfect.  Judy

Steve Wells

Hello Steve – just to say many thanks for the beautiful service you arranged for my dear son. I was so pleased to see so many turn out for him – am sure he would have been thrilled to see old friends and colleagues. As you know I was distraught, but the service, burial and buffet all went well and I hope that we did my boy proud.

Kind regards Chris

Cyril Whitehead

Hello Steve, Just wanted to thank you very much for service you gave for my Dad , Mr Cyril Whitehead on Friday 2ndOctober.

So many people commented after, that they were able to take comfort from the way it was delivered.

You were able to capture and give a true reflection of my dads character, told in an upbeat and respectful way.

I will remember this sad occasion fondly, many thanks ,

With kind regards  Carole Woods

Joyce Carroll

Hi Steve, I couldn't end the day without contacting you. It's been long and at times a very emotional day. But I just wanted to say how wonderful you were from start to finish and your writing of the service was impeccable.

These are not just my words but from everyone who attended, so thank you so much. Lee and Dawn x

Connie Mann

Just a little note to say a big thank you for the lovely service and everything you did for Connie on Monday. Your tone of voice and script made everyone feel at ease and I think we got the right balance with the choice of music.

Thanks for reading the poem - most people will have got the jokes but were afraid to chuckle.

Best wishes, Jeanne

Andy Cripps

So sorry I didn't get the chance to speak to you yesterday I was looking for you after but couldn't find you before we left. I just wanted to thank you so much for such a brilliant service. It was perfectly done. Some people thought u were friends with my dad as you were so personable with your delivery. I thank you also for including the last few notes I asked for it really means a lot. I couldn't have asked for a better send off for my dad. If I could have spoken to you yesterday I would have given you a hug. 

Thanks again, Mel.

Donald Scott

Many thanks for conducting the service yesterday ( 22nd July @ 12:15 ) for my dads celebration of life. All the people who attended said how lovely it was and John would be proud to hear what was said about him  We as a family take comfort in knowing he would not want us to be sad and that was reflected in the way you told his life story. Thank you once again

Kind Regards Ian

Norman Hood

I would like to thank you for the time you took to get a feel of who my father was. Your service was lovely, if that the right way to say it. The friends of dad’s all said how nice the service was and they had got to know Norman a little more. I will mention your name to anyone who asks about the service as you gave good account of my father.

Thanks again   Brian Hood

Derek Perrin

Just wanted to say thank you so much from all the family for the wonderful service you did for dad yesterday, we had so many people say how much it reflected dad and it was a real celebration of his life. It is such a difficult time for us all and I really appreciate the time you spent with us, we were all amazed how you managed to capture so much.

Best wishes    Sharon

Gary Mitchell

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful service you gave my husband Gary last Friday and I thank you most sincerely for getting all the details right. I know these occasions are very upsetting but I think you allowed us all to laugh and remember all the lovely things about Gary. I was told by many that it was a beautiful send-off and very personal which is what you set out to achieve on my behalf.

Thank you once again for all your kind words. Kind Regards Lesley 

John Knight

Sorry it’s taken me a while to contact you, but as you expect I have been busy sorting things out.

I would just like to thank you for the service you conducted for dad – it really did sum up him perfectly, and made a sad day in our lives a little more bearable.

Thank you again for visiting us and finding out all about dad, it made the service very personal for us a family – it certainly gave us many taking points with friends and family at the wake to remember him by.

The rest of the family – Jan, Dave, Karen, Sarah, Bradley, Bethany, Lauren, Margie and Brenda - would also to thank you for a wonderful celebration of a very special man.

All the very best! Leigh

Dick Brown

Just wanted to thank you again for the lovely send off you gave Dick. We have had so many compliments and I just wanted to let you know that your time, effort and care to try and get to know Dick was much appreciated.

Regards Nicky and Wendy

Ken Alexander

We all thank you most sincerely for making Ken's service so special. You were brilliant. Sympathetic, efficient, and the story of Ken's life was touching, humorous, and very accurate. We would willingly recommend your services to any bereaved family.

Yours Sincerely, The Alexander’s.

James Hickmott

Just a quick email to say a big thank you from us all for the service yesterday. Richard described it as 'fantastic' - if that is a word you can use to describe a funeral service, but it was certainly just what he wanted for James.

Thank you once again for help and kindness, Best Wishes Jenny and Family

Bev Harvey

Thank you so much Steve, Everyone commented on how lovely the service was. My heartfelt thanks for all your help in making the occasion as pleasant as it can possibly be in the circumstances.

Best wishes, Amanda

Major Michael Oakley

Everyone was full of praise about the wonderful service and particularly how terrific you were. Many thanks indeed for making Dad's service so special. Ideally I should have cut the hymn by two verses....We only put it in for Mum and she couldn't hear it....! I shall always remember your warmth and sensitivity.

Thanks again. Elizabeth

Elsie Ingram

On behalf of Lynn, myself and both families, I’d like to thank you for the service you conducted yesterday for Elsie, at the Vale. It was moving and emotional for us, but we were all very happy with the event.

It was lovely that we had time to communicate and reflect on what Elsie was like as a person, a mother, a wife and a grandmother. Many people did not know much about her early years and it was nice to have the time to tell them her story. And although it was a small gathering, several people said it was one of the best and most intimate of services they had attended.

So thank you for making it such a comforting experience. I am sure Elsie would have approved.

Kind Regards Trevor and Family

Pat Ashby

Just a few words to say many thanks for the lovely delivery of my mum's service last Wednesday. You were very compassionate in your delivery and I thought you did it beautifully. Many thanks for the lovely booklets too. It was lovely meeting you, even if, under sad circumstances for our family and I would certainly recommend you if anyone asked me. It all still feels a bit surreal to me and taking time to sink in, but I have a lovely memory of a beautiful service which will stay with me forever, so thanks for that lovely memory Steve.

With very best wishes, Irene, xx

Chris Bancroft

I would just like to say a huge thank you from myself and the family for the perfect service you conducted on Monday for us.  Everyone I spoke to thought the service was very personal to my dad and very fitting . It was very engaging; funny; and emotional; a perfect way to say goodbye to my dad .

Thank you again   Kindest Regards Paula Bancroft

Sheila Taylor

Thank you so much for the service yesterday it was just perfect mum would have loved it, everyone said what a lovely service it was so thank you again.

Take care Ann

Phyl Summers

Phyl’s Service was at a church in Worthing and didn’t involve me as a celebrant.

We were all delighted with the beautiful slide show that Steve created for us to show at my Mum's funeral. Although it took me a little while to go through the old photos and sort out which ones we wanted to include, it was time well spent as the slide show was a far better representation of mum's life than just the eulogy. I was so grateful to Steve for his advice, support and professionalism. He also managed to produce the slide show in good time for the funeral despite tight time scales'.

There were a few people who couldn't make the funeral for health reasons or because they lived abroad and it was great to be able to take/send the CD to them and so they could watch it at home and see what had been shown at the funeral. To see photos of Mum in good times, laughing and full of life, helped us to remember her in the best way. She died of cancer at the age of 80 but until her decline at the end, she had still led a full and active life. 

Thanks again Steve    Kind regards  Rosie Braidley 

Allan Evans

Thank you very much for sending a copy of the service for Allan’s funeral I found it very appropriate and it caused a smile just as Allan did in life when you were in his company. I have only just returned from the Caribbean after my holiday so as you know I was not at the service and although I went to church on the day of his funeral and lit a candle, reading your e-mail made me feel that I was there.

Again thank you for making the service so personal and Best wishes to you from Rita Careford (Allan’s cousin)

Cliff Harries

Just a little note to say thank you so much for the beautiful service on Friday you did a fantastic job. Many people actually asked me if you were a friend of my Dads as you made it feel like you really knew him personally. So once again on behalf of myself, my family and of course my dad thank you very much it was a perfect tribute to him and a lovely way to say goodbye.

Regards Carol and family x

Lee Bannocks

I would just like to thank you so much for the lovely service you gave Lee. So many people came up to us after and said how well you put Lee's life story across. I just cannot believe that after sitting in our house for just a couple of hours you could produce such a life resemblance to the person we know as Lee. All the words that I write cannot thank you enough, for helping us and all the family to bid farewell to Lee on his onward journey.

Thank you. Chris and Eddie Yates

Tom Emson

I am writing to you as I didn't get time to thank you properly after the funeral service for my late father on Tuesday.
We would just like to say thank you for your professionalism and the way in which you conducted the service. Many people remarked on how beautiful the service was and particularly the choice of words and delivery. Your assistance in compiling a fitting tribute to Tom is greatly appreciated and we would happily recommend your services without hesitation. 

Kind Regards   David and Julia Emson

Mary McKenzie

Thank you once again Steve... The service was lovely, we all felt that you represented us and our Nanny perfectly. Everyone commented on how unique and personal it was; The pictures helped support your words and showed everyone there today just how much of a full and wonderful life she had. 
The pictures and music worked out well and gramps was really happy with how the service went. Thank you so much for the bound keepsakes and the disc. It really was very nice of you - Especially for you to include a copy for my mum; I know grandad was pleased about this. 
Many thanks for your time, patience and attention to detail over the past few days which made this extremely difficult process a lot smoother and easier than I had expected it to be. 

Kind Regards Gemma

Betty Brown

Just a quick thank you for a lovely service yesterday. Many people commented how great it was and we are very grateful for all your help in getting it all together. It brought back many happy memories from our childhood, teens and beyond and at the wake, many people shared their own particular memories of Mum which led to great jollification - she would have hugely enjoyed the party. Thank you once again!!

Kind regards  Carol, Helen and Liz

Pat Hayes

I just wanted to say that I was at Pats funeral yesterday and although I was standing right at the back and could not see what was going on I thought you did a marvellous job with Pats story, he really was a character wasn’t he? David went to school with Pat and lived a couple of doors down from Pat and his family in Ridgeway Drive.

Kerry’s parents were at both my Mum and Dads funerals, so they recommended both White Dove and yourself to Kerry and Liam and once again you both excelled.

I hope that this is the end of funerals for me for a while, I did intend to speak to you yesterday, but you disappeared before I could.

Once again thank you for everything  Janet Mason

Richard Scales

Thank you so much for helping us arrange Richard's service, everyone who I spoke to following the service were saying it was uplifting, Richard shone through the service, it made a sad day a pleasure to have come to celebrate Richard's life.

You made a very difficult time for us slightly easier, because of the time that you spent with us, talking about Richard and trying to get to know him through us. I can't thank you enough for creating the disc and the order of service, these are very treasured gifts.

This morning while I was the only one up, I watched the DVD and especially listened to the words of thank you for the music" you were so right they were so relevant to all of us. The music that you put on the disc was just perfect. Richard would have loved it. Another two of his favourite songs Cotton eye Joe and The river of Babylon as well as that dreadful dance song(I do not know the title) which goes you jump to the right etc.

Once again thank you for everything.    Yours sincerely Marie Scales

Henry Penn

A big thank you from my Dad and I for a service that sent him off in style. You captured the man as he would have wished and delivered the service as a friend.

Thank you Darren Penn

Ron Hogg
I just wanted to send you a message to say thank you for my dad's service last Monday. It was really lovely, you did a lovely service and everybody said how lovely it was.

Thank you so much for all that you did, from Sharon and Lorraine x

Lynette Morris

Thank you for a fantastic service for my mum. Everything was just great. It was so good everyone thought you were actually a friend of mum's. If I could describe it as a perfect day I wouldn't be far wrong. Mum would have loved it. The only sadness is that she wasn't there, only in spirit. Will be in touch about the next step soon.

Kind regards Lynda

Just wanted to say what a wonderful service you delivered for my mum, everyone thought your were a very close friend the way you did it. Thank you so much it made it so special.

Kind regards Annette

Keith Henry
I just wanted to thank you for the service yesterday at Parndon Wood, for Keith. As upsetting as it was to have to be burying him, I was not in the state that I imagined I would be in and I think that was down to your words - you approached it as a celebration and it was good to hear nice things said about Keith and not just religious 'waffle'.
A lot of people commented on what a lovely service it had been and that you had such a nice manner when you spoke of him. They said it was touching that it was all about him and that he would have been proud of it
The copies of the service are a lovely gesture and it's so thoughtful of you to leave me with something to remember the day in a positive way. Thanks once again for your input - it was wonderful and it made a sad day just a little lighter and easier to deal with.  

Kind regards, Nicola.

Steve Farris

Just a note to thank you for the beautiful service on Saturday. I felt you captured Steve perfectly in fact someone asked me how did you know him. Everyone has said it was the most beautiful funeral so thank you for all your work.

Kind regards Barbara

Paul Rose

Just a thank you from both of us for a wonderful service in memory of Paul, every one who attended said what a wonderful send off, your words brought Paul back to life in so many ways.

Thank you so much  Teresa and Nicola

Patricia Mackin

Sorry for the late message. I just want to thank you from Dad, myself, Jayne Ian and the family for such a wonderful tribute to Mum. It was so 'Mum' a wife, mum, grandma and great grandma as well as a true friend to all who knew her. Thank you again, if you are ever in Sawbridgeworth, please feel free to drop in.

Kind regards from us all Paul

Jacqueline Hogan
I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you so much for my mums lovely service on 6th November. Your calming voice and touching speech made an emotional day a lot less painful. Your speech summed up our wonderful mums life perfectly and even got a few laughs on such a sombre day.  Thanks again, you're a star! 
Kindest regards,

Donna & Colin 
Danielle & Simon
Sarah & Michael
Michael & Sophie 

Arnold Sturley

I just wanted on behalf of all of us to Thank you for my dad's service yesterday. You did a wonderful job and did him and us very proud. While very emotional everything was perfect. The perfect send off for the most perfect man and the copies you did for us are very special too.

Kind regards Amanda

Lucy Lawrence

A belated thank you for your time and attention over Mother’s funeral arrangements.

All the comments I heard were that it was a very good ceremony. My cousins agreed with us that you had captured the essence of Lucy/Micky. It triggered many fond memories. A tribute to your skill and care is that I was asked if there were copies of the script – which you have the foresight to include, both electronically and the copies from the day.

My cousin Linda tells me that her mother Barbara has printed off the copy that I e-mailed to her in Spain and framed it!

A sincere WELL DONE and THANK YOU from us.

Very best wishes  Chris & Ann Hall

Patrick Bryant

I and the whole family would like to thank you for your lovely service yesterday for Patrick Bryant. Everyone commented on what, they said, was the best funeral service they had ever been to. Praise indeed. Once again thank you it made a very difficult day a lot easier. And as I said yesterday, I hope you are still around (by that I mean) in Harlow ha-ha, when I pop my clogs.   

All the best Heather

Dorothy Rayner

Thank you so much for all your help and your presentation for Dot. You transformed a solemn event into a joyous occasion.

Kind regards and good wishes. Anne, David and Colin Steve White

Rex Berry

I just wanted to thank you on behalf of myself and Rex's family and friends who attended his funeral on Thursday for the wonderful way in which you conducted his service. Everyone thought you were a close friend, such was the way you talked about him, you have a real gift, but then I am sure you know that.

It still all seems a bit surreal, but I know the silence will get me sooner rather than later. There is a lot to still do, so that will keep me occupied.

Thank you again for all you did to make what could have been a very stressful day as happy as it was, a true Celebration of a funny brave and courageous man.

All best wishes Anna

Derryanna Marson

I felt it important to write and say thank you. I do this on behalf of Roger, Charlotte and myself. Your support, guidance and assistance in preparing the service for Derry were invaluable. You were successfully able to get the three of us to feel comfortable enough to speak candidly about Derry and thus reveal the Derry we knew. You were then able to present this picture of Derry in a wholly appropriate, fitting and respectful way. The service overall, particularly your eulogy, was perfect and allowed us, and all those who attended, to properly say goodbye. Your efforts went an enormous way to make a terrible day bearable and we all felt that the end result was "perfect" and thus we had been able to do Derry proud. For that we will always be grateful.

Yours sincerely Peter Marson

Sylvia Weidman

Dear Steve A very big heartfelt thank you for the way in which you made Sylvia’s service so personal, it was a difficult but memorable day and ran smoothly thanks to you. Hopefully I won’t have to organise anymore funerals for a while, but if I do I know who to contact. Anyway thank you so much for everything you did it is appreciated by my family and myself.

Kind regards Jan Weidman

Richard Smith

I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of the family for the funeral on Friday. Many people said that it was a lovely Service that portrayed Richard's personality very well. Thank you also for the booklets, which are also a great tribute to him.

Kind regards Sue

Margaret Adams

I just wanted to say Thank you for a lovely service yesterday, I didn't get chance to speak with you. We had so many lovely comments on the service and the way her story was told. Lots of fond memories and smiles all round! Thank you also for the copies of the service, the pictures look great and a wonderful keepsake. Again a big thank you for everything, we shall certainly recommend your services!

Regards Diane

Ray Bull

We would like to thank you for the Service on the 15th of August for Ray. It was a truly lovely service and we thank you very much. We found it to be very comforting and everything we wished the service to be.

Kind regards Pat and Family

Norman Orme

Hi Steve a big thank you again from ALL of us for yesterday, you done us all proud. Mark Orme

May Falvey

Hi Steve Just a quick line to thank you for all you did today, everything was perfect. We all appreciate the work you put in and the professional service was a great send-off.

Many thanks, James & Sonyer

Averil Stilton

Just wanted to say thanks once again for all your help in making Averil’s Funeral a less stressful time for Linda and the rest of the family, the service was very uplifting and the slide show was a huge success, that alone made Linda feel as if she was just saying goodbye to her mum instead of losing her forever if that makes sense. Once again thank you for making a sad day as pleasant as it could be.

Best Regards Ken & Linda Burgess

Peter Coward

Now that things have settled down and we are back home in France, we would like to thank you for your efforts in making Peter's funeral not only bearable but memorable as well. You remarked about how the music would stay with us for awhile. We were still aware of the Wild Horses and in particular Should I stay or should I go, banging away in our minds for a couple of days after. They were obviously very appropriate choices so thank you again for identifying them. We trust you will continue to help people in our position as it is a very worthwhile service.

Regards, Yvette, Mike, Lesley and Tim.

John Donovan

I just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful service for dad on Tuesday; the care, respect and genuine compassion you invested in the whole ceremony made a very sad time a little easier to bear. I really appreciate the time you took getting to know dad and me, and how you managed a sensitive family situation with such wordless understanding.

Thank you also for the transcripts - though I shall not read it soon, I will in time to come. Kathie

Clive Brooks

The family and I would like to thank you again for the wonderful work you did in helping us say our goodbyes to Clive. Many people have said it was the 'best' funeral they had been to or seen. I put it on YouTube in two parts for friends and family abroad. It occurred to me that you may like to see it so I will add the links here. We fulfilled Clive's last wishes and took his ashes to the top of Scafell Pike as he wanted all his life. Us 'oldies' said our goodbyes by Wast Water then the boys took him up. Thank you again, you have a true gift for the work you are doing.

Regards Marlene Brooks

The family and I would like to thank you very much for the wonderful and very personal service you gave Clive last week. It was almost as if you had known him a number of years. Afterwards people said that is was the best funeral they had been to, if one can say that about a funeral? I think between you, Clive, yourself and Daniel Robinson it couldn't have gone better, I am sure my husband would have enjoyed it very much, especially at the end.

Best regards Marlene Brooks

Linda French

I just wanted to say thank you very much, on behalf of my family and myself, for the lovely way you conducted the Service for Tom yesterday. It couldn't have gone better. We had so many positive comments about it, even a quite a few people saying it's the best one they've ever been to! People also said that you made it very personal, as if you had actually known Tom, and that the whole mood of the service, being equally moving and funny, encapsulated the spirit of Tom. Thank you for all your help and advice and for turning what could have been a sad and unhappy experience into an uplifting one.

Kind regards Linda

Pat Wyatt

Once again thank you. Everyone has commented on what a lovely service it was!! The print outs are a lovely touch too. Also, thank you for the idea of the postcards! I haven't read them yet but everyone has wrote one!

Regards Donna

Mark Button

We just wanted to personally thank you from the bottom of our hearts for yesterday's service. It was absolutely amazing and Mark would have loved every minute of it .... You are so very clever and We can't thank you enough it made a very hard day more bearable and the laughter as well as the tears will keep us going for the weeks to come. A very special thank you for the applause at the end it was amazing and we both felt this came from your heart. If we are unfortunate enough to lose anyone else we love we will without a doubt be calling you for your services

Dawn Button

Olive Southern

Thank you so much for all you did in the preparation and delivery of Olive’s Service yesterday. We were delighted with the service and were all very impressed with your sympathetic and thoughtful presentation. Thank you also for the bound copies of the service which will be treasured by us all.

We have received many very positive comments from those attending and that is really good when we consider that there was a wide cross section from those with no faith to those whose faith is of utmost importance to them. We are delighted to have found you and thank you for all your help through a difficult time.  

With very best wishes  Graham

Maurice Hall

I was only thinking about you today as I wanted to write and tell you how happy we were with your service. In fact it was the talk of the afternoon as most comments centred around how very personal it all was, as if you had known dad personally. It was everything I wanted it to be, a life story, funny and informative, so a very big thank you.

Happy Easter  Julie

Judy Mewton

Thank you so much for conducting Judy’s service yesterday it was absolutely beautiful, helped, of course because so was she. Everybody that came told me how overwhelmed they had been by the words that you had chosen and written and the music that we selected. I think the poem Afterglow and the George Michael track had a huge impact and our friends will all remember Judy forever so we have succeeded in our objective.

Thank you for the two bound copies which myself, of course, and my sister will keep but I have been asked by some friends if they could have a copy so would you be able to email it to me. Thanks again Steve, despite the circumstances it has been a pleasure to meet you and I will never forget what you did for Judy.

Kindest Regards Colin

Catherine White

Having finally got home after the funeral and week-end with the grandchildren, I just wanted to say how much we all appreciated how sensitively you conducted Kitty's funeral.   Sue said it all felt really personal and unlike anything she'd ever been to before and  Len was very happy with the whole thing, which was a great relief, especially as  we hadn't been able to consult him.  Others spoke of it being very natural, with nothing over the top.

Personally, it gave me a tremendous sense of peace and of the completion of this human part of the cycle of life and I feel your advice about giving our tributes first helped tremendously with this.   

Obviously I don't know what your personal beliefs are, but you were able to provide us with, what I regard as the perfect balance of the Christian and the secular whilst managing to be completely inclusive and for me, through this whole, difficult process, you were God's provision.

Thank you so much and may God bless you richly in all your future work.  Peggy Gasson”

Eunice Sawyer

On behalf of the Whole Family and our Friends can I sincerely thank you for an absolutely wonderful tribute to our mother Eunice at today's funeral.

I thank you for the time and effort that you put into the celebration of her life and for your patience whilst we completed the Service programme. With your compassionate and professional delivery of the service you made it a much more bearable event.

Without fail, every single person present made the point to Steve and I of how wonderful they found the service and the details of Eunice's life.

So our grateful thanks and our best wishes go to you from Julie, Myself and the family.

Yours Sincerely Carol Richardson

Julian Maura Cooper

Just writing to thank you for performing the service for Julian on Monday.
Everyone commented that it was a great send-off, the Police Helicopter was a nice touch!
It made a difficult time that much easier.   With many thanks again.  

Kind Regards. Simon, Samantha & Rachel”

Len Norgate

Since my Dad died on 4th December the last five weeks have just flown by.

You conducted a Celebration of Life for Len Norgate on 17th December.

I'm sure you can understand better than most people that despite the sadness of the day it does enable you be proud of your loved ones achievements and what they brought to your family and friends and that it is ok to smile, laugh and feel good. I remember very clearly smiling through most of the service. Even though I helped write the order of service, I couldn't believe how quick it all went and it caught me by surprise when you said it was my turn to tell Len's story.

My whole family were really happy with the content of the service and how smoothly it flowed.

Please accept my sincere thanks for your help.   Darren N

Derek Williams

Mum and I would like to say a huge Thank You for the service you took for Dell yesterday. It was amazing, you brought his story to life, many people asked if you were a personal friend of Dell's as you spoke with such compassion, feeling and as though you knew him.

Once again Thank you.  Kim. Xx

Iris Bannocks

On behalf of my family and I, we would like to thank you for the excellent service you gave for our departed mother. The compiling of words and the reading was of a majestic touch, so good that people remarked that it was one of the best services at a funeral they had attended. You made us all feel how we owed our very existence to her and the legacy of life she had started, we all loved her very much.

Once again many thanks and keep up the good work. Alan Bannocks

Gerald Forder

I hope you are well. Sorry it’s taken a few days but I wanted to thank you for the lovely service you gave on Monday…I really cannot thank you enough – the service really was a true reflection of Dad and everything he stood for. Mum never mentioned that she had added a few things about Dad & I playing snooker so that was a really nice surprise on the day to hear about that again – I had long forgotten about our snooker years. Thanks again Steve – hope I don’t have to call on your services again for a while yet!

Kindest regards  Darren Forder”

Bill Callan

Steve,  A couple of weeks has now passed since my Dad's service and I have been reflecting on what is clearly quite a traumatic time. I would just like to say that both Tricia and Amanda and I were really comforted by the way that the service was conducted. So many people have said to us that you had captured Dad's personality and style perfectly, or as someone said to me "the sevice did your dad proud". I don't think that I could put it any better or ask for anything more.


For my part, I am delighted that you managed to inject the right balance of humour into the occassion. Tricia and I both found you really easy to work with - the evening that we all sat down to discuss dad's life story was fun rather than a difficult discussion and you were very accommodating and patient with us, particularly as Tricia and I were not communicating as well as we might have done given I was out of the country most of the time.


Thank you very much     Dave Callan